The United States Will See $5 Trillion in Retail Sales This Year¹…

Here’s How to Get a Bigger Piece of the Pie

Retail reinvention doesn’t need to be hard, or unscalable. How do we know this? Because we pioneered the concept back in 1964.

We break down reinvention into 6 simple steps that we like to call Retail’s 6 Space Missions.

  1. Retail space will get smaller
  2. Culture will be the new currency
  3. The most important spending pattern will be time
  4. Discovery will be redefined
  5. Design is data made visible
  6. Speed and scale are the only dimensions that matter

Learn what’s influencing these trends, what they mean for your brand, and the challenges retailers will face with these 6 space missions.

Get ahead of the curve while you can. The competition is relentless and everyone wants a slice of that $5 trillion pie.


¹ Source: Statista via eMarketer and US Department of Commerce